New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Sea Sun

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PostSubject: Sea Sun   Sea Sun EmptyThu Jan 12 2012, 16:06

Dubbed ;; Sea Sun
Age ;; 3 1/2
Gender ;; Male
Title/Rank ;; N/A
Land ;; N/A
Herd ;; Destinaeti

Coat ;; A light golden color, almost cream.
Mane & Tail ;; Black, shining and wavy.
Eyes ;; A dark blue, with a ring of brown.
Height ;; 20 hh
Markings ;; Black stockings on three legs, and a white sock on his right foreleg.
Scars ;; One small one just beneath his left eye from his older sister.
Daggers ;; Pure white.
Horn ;; N/A
Wings ;; N/A

Breed ;; Wild Horse xXx Unknown
Percentage ;; 50-50
Dam ;; Ultimus
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Sire ;; Desert Sun
Grandsire ;; Uknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Brothers ;; N/A
Sisters ;; Winter Sun

Friends ;; Marvelous
Enemies ;; N/A
Love ;; Destinaeti
Crush ;; Destinaeti
Heartbreaks ;; N/A
Sons ;; N/A
Daughters ;; N/A

Alliance ;; Marvelous
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Calm, and reasoning, it's hard to get on Sea Sun's bad side. He has a somewhat naive nature, and tends towards making friends easily.
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Sea Sun
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