New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Lanoen Palomino_Gelding_70_by_Jin_KStock

Dubbed ;; Lanoen or legends' renual
Age ;; 3 years
Gender ;; Stallion
Title/Rank ;; none at the moment
Land ;;
Herd ;;

Coat ;; He is a bright golden palomino horse, whose coat shines with a silvery sheen in the sunlight.
Mane & Tail ;; Pale white flames which he has perfect control over.
Eyes ;; A deep handsome chocolate brown.
Height ;; 18 hands
Markings ;; none save for a white star on his forehead which is almost a perfect diamond save for a tiny bit of white running down from the lowest point.
Scars ;; none
Daggers ;; Well formed, and dark in hue, he is very surefooted.
Horn ;; n/a
Wings ;; The only thing he inherited from his mother's appearence, they are a bright gold like the rest of his body, and also carry that silver sheen in the sunlight. They are powerful and massive, shaped like eagle wings.

Breed ;; Lowe Brumby
Percentage ;; 50% 50%
Dam ;; Bel Bel
Grandsire ;; not known
Granddam ;; not known
Sire ;; Sundara
Grandsire ;; Not known
Granddam ;; not known
Brothers ;; he has a pair of half brothers from his mother, known as Thowra and Flaming Blade of Sundawn and Bella Hell.
Sisters ;;Sundawn and Bella, he is the only son of Sundara himself.

Friends ;; Therthis
Enemies ;; none
Love ;; none
Crush ;; none
Heartbreaks ;; none
Sons ;; none
Daughters ;; none

Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Well what to say about him here? He is a charming horse who seeks only to help those who want his help. he would never force himself upon a mare, he knows this is wrong from his mother's lessons. He is a talented flier, Therthis has trained him well to use his wings, even in combat. He is intelligent and wise, all his mother's wisdom as well as all that Therthis has taught him to.
History ;; I was born in the safety of Therthis' herd, though he is not my blood father, he has been as gentle and caring as my father Sundara would have been, my mother Bel Bel tells me. It amazes me every time I take to the sky, Therthis has taken a lot of time teaching me to fly and to defend myself using these wings I am blessed to have. Though I know my mother grows old, I love her very much.
Bel Bel has told me of the land my father ran in as the betta and now that I am old enough she is going to take me there, to meet the others who knew my father as well as she did, if not more well in some cases.
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