New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over

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Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over Empty
PostSubject: Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over   Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over EmptyWed Jan 04 2012, 18:03

The ground seemed to rumble with supressed emotion at their approch. The thundering of their footsteps scaring even the biggest of animals into their dens, but their eyes ever watchful with horror and worry for their young king.

This was darkness. This was horror in it's truest form. They feared for the lives of their young ones, their king and only ruler. For there was no heir anymore.

There was only Alston.

Alston...the name brought laughter to the hulking stallions lips as he squared to a halt, towering frame peering down on the rolling valleys of his land.

"Well Iaistiel," he rumbled "this is home."

The ghost like wolf tilted her head slightly, pale orbs scanning the land with a sense of disgust. "It's...light," she complained and the stallion made to agree.

"Not for long," he said closing his eyes and drawing the power within himself. Still he stood, as if frozen by the quickly wipping winds. His horn glowed, but not with the pureness of the healers, but rather the deep echoing vibe of evil.

The once open blue sky turned dark, as if the moon had set in the middle of the day. Rumbling thunder clouds filled the clearing, lighting and rain flashed all over the sea lands.

"Much better," the fae said with a wolfish smile.

The stag ignored her other then a slight nod of agreement before he reared into the sky, his towering frame seeming to fill the dark morning.

"Alston!" he cried, the land seeming to ring with his deep vocals "Your time is over

OOC: So everyone, it seems we have a new leader xD. Mr Kaseran and his sidekick, Iaistiel, have taken over and have Alston hostage [or alas, will soon].
But don't worry, darkness will soon loose again. Maybe. Wink
Just thought I would give an update on the newest all in plot. Well, soon to be all in.

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Group Plot - Darkness Takes Over
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