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 Happy New Years!

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Happy New Years! Empty
PostSubject: Happy New Years!   Happy New Years! EmptyMon Jan 02 2012, 20:51

Hey all,

Happy new year! 2012 is finally upon us and therefore the end of the world (hehe) nah jokes, we are all still kicking. Wishing you all well in this new year as school amoung other things starts up again.

I was away for a few days for the new years but the update is still (slowly) in progress. Gladly, my wrist is much better and we found exactly what was wrong with up. Badly brusied nerve....yay....-.-

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this friday (so not looking forwards to that...) so I'll be out of action for a few days or so, but I'll still try and get on!

Happy new year once more!

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Happy New Years!
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