New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy

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Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy Empty
PostSubject: Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy   Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy EmptyMon Dec 26 2011, 16:44

Chapter 1 - The Lord of Nuduien and His Family

A loud blaring noise awoke the young human Prince from his nights sleep. He grimaced as he woke, he'd had a late night the night before, and he knew from the horn that he was needed with his parents as quickly as possible. He sighed, rolling out of bed and getting dressed in a light grey tunic and long brown leather brais, the typical attire of the crown prince. Yawning, he stretched and then headed down the stone corridors towards the Throne Room. As he walked, he brushed a few errant strands of mahogany brown hair out of his face.

He smiled though as he entered the Throne room, his parents were already moving across to the door themselves. "Good morning, mother, father," he said. "What was the horn telling us?" He was very curious as to what was going on at the moment. What had woken him at this hour from his slumber? NOrmally he was not up for another hour, but now he knew there was no time for being tired.

"Good to see you're awake, Lindan," his mother replied. She was dressed in a long pale blue gown, which seemed to float down her slim build showing off her curves.

"The elves are coming son," his father replied. He chuckled goodnaturedly. "We ought to meet them at the front gate, don't you think?" Of course, his father always wore a chain mail tunic, with a roaring lion's face embroidered over the cloth covering the chest of his tunic. A long powerful broadsword stayed at his side always.

Lindan broke into a grin. She was coming. The young elven maiden with the grey eyes wiser than her years and golden hair which felt like silk in his hands. Laura. He knew she was one of the elves royal family, but he also knew that her brother was the one that would inherit her parents throne. That was something that pleased him immensely. She was so beautiful, as was their other sibling. Princess Ava was only different to her sister in that she had green eyes and red hair, as their brother had deep royal blue orbs.

"Of course," he replied, after realising his parents were waiting for his reply.

They chuckled, making him feel like a goose. It was not something he liked to hear at all. He sighed as they walked, knowing it was not that far to the gates, but now that his mind was on Laura it seemed like forever. They could hear the elves horses as they stepped outside, and it was a louder sound than they had been expected.

His eyes were trained on the archway that the huge metal gate that gaurded the entrance to the inner keep was now raised from sight. A horse neighed and the elves came into sight on their splendid white chargers. First came a line of elven knights, and he noticed that they made a circle around the nobles. One of the knights closest to the queen Cyara stopped and dismounted, extending a hand to her and helping her off her horse. Once she was on her feet on the ground, he took off his helm.

Lindan chuckled. It was the elves Prince Consort Sudryl Berilan, the queen's own mate. He was very muscular, and he knew the older elf to be very powerful with his sword skills. Then his eyes caught the sight of one of the other elves, one a lot younger than the others. His mother nodded, and he left their side, heading towards Laura, while his squire followed him, assisting Ava at a nod from Lindan.

He grinned, inclining his head towards Laura, before extending a hand towards her. She smiled, taking it and slipping gracefully from the back of her mount.

"It is good to see you again, Prince Lindan," she said, smiling happily.

"As it is to see you, Princess Lauraselee." Normally he called her Laura, but when they were in formal occassions like this she had requested she was called by her full first name. His eyes roamed over her face, remembering every inch. Then they were joined by a male elf Laura's age and both boys grinned at each other. "Zelphar."

"Lindan." The chocolate haired, blue eyed elf replied.

"I am glad you have come to visit once more," Lindan replied. "it has been entirely too long."

"Indeed," Laura agreed.

Lindan turned away and moved to greet Cyara and Sudryl before returning once more to his freinds. Wyn and Ava joined them as well, as the entire group of humans and elves headed into the keep, while servants led the horses towards the stables to be tended. Lindan looked at his squire. "Meet me at the training grounds." The younger man bowed and headed off a rather sour seeming expression on his face. Lindan grinned. "He thinks I'm going to beat him up again in a fight."

Wyn and Ava laughed. As did Laura. "You would though," Wyn teased.

"I don't intend to when it comes to him." Lindan looked at Wyn. "How well can you fight, elf prince?" There was a friendly challenge in his words this time. He winked at Laura.

"Fairly well, though i doubt as good as you," Wyn replied, though it was clear from his words that he would beat Lindan.

Lindan smirked. "Shall we head over to the grounds?"

The older boy chuckled. "Sure."

"I'll just go get my sword and armour," Lindan replied.

"We'll come," Laura replied. She grinned.

Wyn looked between the two of them, clearly knowing there was something going on between the two of them at the moment. He chuckled and followed after them. As they walked, Lindan was surprised when he felt someone else's hand on his. Looking down he realised that it was Laura who had taken his hand. Clearly there was something going on with her. Something which hardly seemed fair, she was about eighty years older than he.

Lindan reached where his chambers were not long after, and slipped in, letting the others in as well. In the short time the room had been unoccupied one of the servants had been in and tidied up for him. he smiled, heading over to where his mail shirt and grieves were on a rack. He pulled the shirt over his head, and carefully tightened the grieves over his lower arms, tightening the leather thongs until they were fitted correctly. Quickly he picked up his sword as well, and grinned.

Wyn of course shook his head at his armor, murmuring something under his breath. his clothes faded away, revealling the armor underneath, seeming to switch places easily. "Ready?" the elf asked. He looked at Laura. "Don't worry I won't beat him up too much." He winked.

Lindan sighed. "I can take a bruise from you, Wyn." He shook his head, leaving the room and headed towards the training grounds. As they got closer, the sound of men grunting could be heard. He was the champion of Nuduien already, even at his young age. All the knights bowed as they saw him and the elves appearing. A few of the other elves were there as well, and they were watching Wyn in particular.

Stopping, the two girls moved back away from him and Wyn.

"My prince!" one of the human knights called.

"Yes?" Lindan asked, looking over at the other man.

"There's going to be a tornament for the next few days because the elves are here. Will you be competing, my lord?"

Lindan laughed. "Is there ever a tournament I've not been in?" He loved everything about the tournaments, they were a thing he enjoyed being in. Always, there were knights from all across Nuban coming to compete.

The knight chuckled and moved on.

Lindan looked at Wyn, drawing his sword, which Wyn mimicked, gaining the attention of every knight in the training grounds.

"I might not be in the tournament," Wyn replied. "So this will have to be enough for you, Lindan, young freind."

Lindan grinned. "Sure sure." He smiled. The fight began, and where Wyn lacked skill he made up for with his speed. Lindan was a strong fighter, but the speed of an elf was something he could not beat at the moment. One day though he vowed he would beat Wyn.

Laura smiled as he was defeated once more, she knew that he was a valiant fighter when it came to defening his own back. He sighed, getting to his feet once more. He knew that it was hard to beat the elves.

"So what really brings all you elves here?" Lindan asked, passing his mail shirt to his waiting squire, who took it away for cleaning.

"Dragons eggs," Ava replied. "Though Wyn is not allowed to try."

"Why ever not?" Lindan thought that was absurd. He was allowed and he was one of the two crown princes. Why should Wyn not be allowed?

"I'm the elves prince. Mother won't allow it," Wyn replied. He sighed. "Wish she would, but tehre is no arguing with her." he shook his head. "The elves formed the riders, and I'm not allowed to try out. That really sucks for me."

They headed back to the castle, knowing that things were going to be interesting for them. Several knights cantered past and Lindan looked after them on their grey and black chargers. "Looks like the tournaments going to begin shortly. I'll have to bid you all farewell until the events end for the night."

He sighed, and then turned, heading away from his freinds in the direction of the barracks where his squire waited for him, hellping him into his plate armour once his chain mail was covering him. The excited the boy also brought his horse over to him, and Lindan swung up gracefully. The black warhorse snorted and trotted out at his masters signals. All the knights headed out into the tournament arena, Lindan entering after the others.

The crowd cheered as they saw him enter. he stopped infront of the others, standing in his stirrups and holding his lance high proudly. He smiled, though he knew Laura couldn't see it, as the others all cheered for him. He was their champion, and soon she would see that. For it was for her that he would do his best. All the knights stood in their stirrups behind him, and then as one, Lindan included, they removed their helmets.

His father chuckled smiling as he stood. "Our champion competes for the honor of his title. It is my own son, Prince Lindan Marcos who is champion of Nuduien." A few of the others gasped, staring at one of the other combatants. Lindan turned his head, looking as well. There was an elf amongst the others. His father blinked. "It seems our ally Queen Cyara's own mate is one of the ones challenging my son."

Lindan gaped at Sudryl. That was going to be a challenge for him. Simce when did he fight against elves in this sort of thing? He was going to have to work hard. All the elves chuckled as they saw Sudryl standing there in his own mounts saddle. He could see that Laura and Wyn were both staring at their father.

All the knights exited the arena, and two names were called for the joust. Lindan grinned as his name was called. Another headed around to the far side of the arena. His squire waited for him at his starting point. Replacing his helmet on his head, he waited for the flag to fall. As soon as it did, his horse neighed and broke into a gallop.

As they closed in on the other human knight, Lindan swung his long lance into position, and it smashed into the other knight sending him from his saddle. Lindan reined in his horse as they flew past, sliding to a halt infront of the box his parents and the royal elves were in, saluting. He was very pleased at the moment.

He smiled, seeing Laura smiling at him. She'd known it was him that had won that joust. Many other knights had a go at beating him but none of them seemed to be able to take him down. Sudryl did not compete in the joust, which surprised Lindan. It seemed once more he was undefeated. He bowed to those in the royal box after the final joust had happened. Of course all his people were cheering, pleased that he had remained their champion in this field at least so far.

That night there was a dance, and he knew who he would be asking. Most of his people knew that he liked Laura very much, so none of the other human women bothered to even ask him. They would find others to ask. Pulling on more formal clothes, including his golden ciclet which he rarely wore, he headed off to where he knew Laura was spending the night. One day he knew she would be his, but not yet. She was so much older than him and he knew that he would have to earn his place when it came to her.

He knocked on the door and she immediately came out to him, surprising him with the long grey silken dress she wore. It was fitted to her figure so she seemed to float with each step. He smiled at her. "You look beautiful, Laura," he said.

She smiled. "Thank you, Lindan." She inclined her head. "Shall we?"

He nodded, and gently taking her hand in his like he ought to, he led her through his home towards where the dragon eggs were happening. It was so good to see her again, and yet he knew that she was pleased to be here once more. He was pleased to be able to escort her to where they were, he could see others heading in that direction as well, towards the main throne room. Including it seemed several younger elves, including Laura's sister, Ava. One of the other human knights was escorting her in that direction.

"So which dragon type are you hoping to impress?" he asked as they walked.

"Dawn if possible. They are such beautiful creatures," the older female elf replied. "And you?"

"A Day dragon would be nice," he replied. He smiled. "They are not so bold in colour but they have their own beauty as well, I do believe."
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Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy   Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy EmptyMon Dec 26 2011, 16:47

Chapter 2 - Dragon Eggs and Dragons Abound

He chuckled as he opened the door to the room where the dragons would be waiting for them now. There was no chance that they would not know who would be a rider soon enough. Every dragon would hatch, he knew that much. The eggs that were brought here everytime were carefully selected, to give those who wished to try the best chance they had at the eggs. It amazed him how the elves were able to do that, but he knew it was because they were the ones who had started the Dragon Riders, and they were the ones who knew the dragons best.

Oh what fun it would be to have a dragon of his own. To be able to fly anywhere he wanted, whenever he wanted, before he became King, in his father's place. For he needed the freedom at the moment. It was something he craved. Being in Nuduien all the time bored him these days. He needed to be able to travel once more with the others, with his knights. It was something that he needed to do. He wanted to be able to get out there and see his people for how they were themselves. To see how the different people worked together to help each other do things.

Across the far side of the hall, in front of where his parents were sitting, were several long tables with eggs of all different shades amongst them. The magic of the halls had expanded the hall to allow the dragons into the rooms. Even a massive white Sun Dragon stood in the room, watching over the things that were going on. All of the elves were stunned to see the white dragon. It seemed that she was not something they had been expecting to be here.

Lindan looked at his parents, grinning as he and Laura headed over towards where the others who were of the right age were waiting for a chance to touch the eggs once more. He was pleased that this time had come for them. He was more than ready for this to happen now. And that he knew his parents were also aware of. It was something they had been looking forwards to as a family.

Slowly the line moved forwards, he let Laura and Ava go up before he did. Laura was immediately sent away from the eggs with a brilliant golden egg and he grinned at her. Ava though had no egg that chose her. He sighed, smiling sympathetically at her before taking her turn at the eggs. Immediately as his eyes ran over them, he was drawn to a silver egg. He walked over to it, resting a hand on it. The egg chirped and the elf before him gestured for him to take it and find somewhere to sit.

Immediately he picked up the egg and walked over to where Laura was sitting, watching her golden egg with eager eyes.

"Congratulations," he said, settling next to her. "I knew you'd be able to do it, Lauraselee." The human prince was smiling; he was so pleased that he'd gotten a dragon of his own. It would have sucked if Laura had a dragon and he did not. At least now he would as long a life as she did. Made things a little more in his favor with the king and queen of the elves.

He smiled, knowing that Laura was very happy that a dragon had chosen her. And it seemed to be the breed she was hoping for earlier too. "How long do they take to hatch?" he asked, eyeing his quivering egg with apprehension. What was the dragon like that had chosen him, the prince of the humans? What would the noble creature look like?

Laura chuckled. "Patience, Lindan. The eggs will take several minutes to begin to hatch," she said, smiling at him. "You really know next to nothing about them, don't you? she asked. She smiled at him though, knowing it was something he would not like her pointing out. "Don't worry, you'll learn everything you need to when we get to Waenen Island."

He sighed. "More learning?" he asked. He groaned. He hated having to learn new things.

"There's a chance you might be in my group learning. From what I've heard, the new riders are split into group that ahve one new dragon of each breed. Save for the Sun Dragons, Gaelira over there is the only one of her kind at the moment."

"That's a shame," Lindan replied, glancing over at the white dragon. "She's beautiful."

"But deadly," Laura added after his words. "The Sun Dragons are rivalled in strength only by the Dusk Dragons, and even then its a close fight. No other dragon stands a chance against her, so there is only ever one in existance at a time." She chuckled. "She's beautiful that's true, but I'd hardly want to get on her angry side. Its said Gaelira is the queen of the wild dragons."

"What business has she here then?"

"Its the role of the Sun Dragon to oversee the hatching of the eggs for the Riders, as some of these eggs are wild born," Laura replied. "She will relay to the other wild dragons who got to ride which wild dragon parented dragon." She smiled. "Just as you and Wyn defend your people as the Crown Princes'."

"Lucky dragon," Lindan replied. "I love helping my people when my father is otherwise engaged." Botht he silver egg and the gold egg shuddered wildly and worried it might fall he raised his hands to grab it.

Laura's hands stopped his though. "The dragons know what they're resting on. They will not fall, do not worry."

"How can I not? They could smash so easily, Laura." He stared at her in confusion.

"Trust me on this, alright?"

Then cracks started to run down the two eggs starting from one end. Lidan gasped as a piece of shell flew off of his egg, and then a small head poked out of the egg at him. It was covered in tiny silver scales, and the eyes were a bright green colour. He smiled at the dragonet. The dragon chirped, working to free itself of the shell with surprising savagery. He looked over at Laura. Her eyes were on an emerging brilliant gold dragonet.

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Twisted Fate, Book One in the Nuban Trilogy
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