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New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Sapphire   Sapphire EmptyWed Dec 21 2011, 21:59

the color of this gem, a deep blue.

b a s i c s.
ALIAS – saph
GENDER – female
AGE – three years
SEXUALITY – heterosexual,
ELEMENT – earth
ABILITIES – basic constriction and basic earth manipulation

o u t s i d e.
APPEARANCE – Sapphire’s coat is a pale cream; her eyes are as blue as the cerulean sea. Her coat is rather thick, but well-kept – most of the time. A tan ring of fur circles her right eye, and the tips of her ears are a light brown. A light brown stripe runs across the middle of her back, all the way down to the tip of the tail. Her underbelly and legs are a pure cream without any other markings. Sapphire’s muzzle is cream, and her face seems to hold a vibrant, lively expression. Her face is daintily shaped, body structure delicate, although she is as strong as any other. However, she was named for her eyes. An earth element’s eyes were normally earthy colours, but hers were the most shocking, the brightest blue eyes that her parents had seen.

PERSONALITY – Sapphire has strong survival instincts, and knows when to flee and when to fight. However, she rarely listens to them as she cannot abide refusing challenges or walking away from insults. It stirs the hot blood rushing through her veins, and her eyes will darken with the promise of a slow and torturous death - should she manage it.

Sapphire has a fiery heart within her - and is not afraid to show it. An excellent example is the reaction you get when you combine oxygen and sparks – Combustion, unpredictable and wild. Sapphire is sharp of mind and of wit. She loves being challenged, but hates to lose.

She does not take easily to strangers. Even she doesn’t know why she acts like this, or why she doesn’t attempt to make more friends. Perhaps it is because of the trauma she faced early in her life, causing her to be overly cautious. She is a prideful creature who will not accept any favours or 'charity', as she deems it. Most of all, she hates that others look down on her for whatever reason.

Sapphire is also fiercely loyal to her pack, though, and is willing to do whatever she needs to protect it and its members. Once she commits, it is for life. She will not hesitate to retaliate when another smear’s her pack’s name and will not stand for any insults against it.

Beneath all this, though, once you manage to find a way deep into her heart, you will find a kind and gentle soul.

HISTORY – The she-wolf’s past is muddled, murky, as if peering into a puddle of muddy water. She remembers little of her true family, and only a handful of scattered memories at that. Her earliest memory was of lying next to her brother, warm and comfortable, curled up beside her mother’s flank. Her mother’s soft voice crooning lullabies to her as her eyes drifted shut. She remembers the warmth and peace of her family. The safety and love that had surrounded her then, will always be a secret longing, a cherished memory within her heart.

Alas, it could not last. She remembers a day in winter, waking abruptly from her sleep to find her parents confronting a pack of wolves at the entrance of their den. Angry voices, ripping snarls, bristling fur and unsheathed claws, before the bloodshed. Sapphire knew not if her parents lived or died, whether they were torn to pieces or had fled into the cold world.

Well, this new pack took her brother and her in. She grew up as one of them, learning their ways and working with them, learning how to control her abilities and training. However, she has always had a measure of distrust for the pack, on account of what she remembered happened to her parents. When she was old enough, the she-wolf snuck away, running fast as the wind, out of the territory and into this new world, where she can start afresh.

So, here she is. Sapphire. Her journey has not ended. It is just beginning.

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