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 The Blind Cowboy - NaNoWriMo

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The Blind Cowboy - NaNoWriMo Empty
PostSubject: The Blind Cowboy - NaNoWriMo   The Blind Cowboy - NaNoWriMo EmptyMon Nov 14 2011, 21:41


Strands of shaggy brown fell around his thin features, shielding them from the elements around. The sun bleached tips poked out from underneath the old, dusty cowboy hat. But, despite his weather weary features his bright green eyes sparkled with good natured and humour. Sure, the everlasting effect of sadness lingered in their depths, alongside the tiresome view of the world but that had to be expected.

Removing the hat, he rested it on the horn of the saddle and ran a large hand though the dirty tresses with a sigh.

What now?

It was a common question upon his lips these days. What next? Where now? Will I be chased away?

Common questions they may be, but none came with answers. Not at least easy ones.

Replacing the hat and tugging it down over his haggard features, he pushed the stallion forth with a slight pressure from his knee and willingly, the stag lengthened his stride and rushed headlong down the steep hillside.

He had no idea where he was. He had nothing with his despite the clothes on his back, the chestnut and oddly marked stallion under him and $72.55 to his name, most of which had more then likely fallen from his holed pockets, but it couldn't buy him much anyway.

With a life and a history he would rather forget, he had found himself travelling between states and even countries with only a horse and the wide open road as company.

The bond between the owner and the steed was obvious, moving gracefully without halter, lead rope or even a soft cloth between them.

He was 18, pushing 19 years. His clothes, torn jeans stained at the knees and a rumbled shirt that had seen better years were only proof to the hard life he lived. But the bright smile that shone upon his lips reflected only the kindness of his heart.

Scanning the valley with intelligent green orbs, his large yet gentle hands calmed the giant beast under him.

"Sandokan," gruff vocals murmured, hand rubbing the sweaty neck with ease "were are we going to head to now? Eh boy?"

The oddly marked stallion tossed his head in reply, his long strides clattering down the hillside before collecting elegantly and leaping over a fence, not even seeming to jostle his tried rider, who hadn't even noticed the pale white fence in the fading light.

Another gentle squeeze of his legs and the ever so gentle tug at the reins brought the stag to a complete stop, his body heaving slightly at the long days of running across the county, the lack of food and energy painfully obvious and yet he was still willing at the firm commands.

Years of living off scraps from kind famers finally catching up on the pair. The sun was disappearing at a leisurely pace behind the mountains, the valley's only source of clear light was a building in the distance. The only one for miles, surrounded by paddocks. And from the stallions movements, he guessed horses and food lay in that general direction as well.

Maybe tonight they could eat and rest, if a kind soul live in the home.

Urging the stallion forwards, at the promise of food close by, he trotted in the dark, seeming to flicker in and out of appearance.

NOTES: Hey all, thanks for reading my NaNo XD hints and tips welcome! I wont be uploading the whole thing on here...but it is on this site:

My username is Kanchana (Suprise!) and it is called the same...only, make sure you read the NaNo version or you'll see a really crappy version ^^ Thanks!

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The Blind Cowboy - NaNoWriMo
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