New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Abendlied   Abendlied EmptyFri Nov 11 2011, 19:22

Abendlied Wishmaster_by_wolf_minori

Dubbed ;; Abendlied
Age ;; 1
Gender ;; Female
Title/Rank ;; None
Land ;; Still Waters
Herd ;; Unknown

Coat ;; Ebony
Eyes ;; Silver
Height ;; 3ft
Markings ;; Glowing paws
Scars ;; Many, but not noticeable
Daggers ;; Black paws, silver claws
Wings ;; None

Breed ;; Mixed
Percentage ;; Heinz 57
Dam ;; Illestica
Grandsire ;; Unoka
Granddam ;; Cimea
Sire ;; Erani
Grandsire ;; Yabloko
Granddam ;; Imepa
Brothers ;; Unknown
Sisters ;; Unknown

Friends ;; n/a
Enemies ;; n/a
Sons ;; n/a
Daughters ;; n/a
History ;;
I came from a very distant place where the swirls around the mountains make it hard to see at night. A world of ivory descended upon my onyx pelt, the breathing of several and warmth around my bodice. Then, one day everything ceased to exist. One time my pelt was not there, and I had skin instead of pelt. My eyes were different, too, the brightest of baby blue. I was different, not the four legged creature I am today.

I didn't know what happened. One day, instead of laying on top of my mother's chest, I was walking on all fours. I spoke like them, I was one of them.

Innocent, that was the word they said I was. They said I knew things that others didn't know, that I was different, although I looked the same. I have always had a knack for herbal things, but they called me dark magic. I am yet to discover my calling.

Alliance ;; Neutral
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; I don't like to speak very much, and I usually keep to myself, rarely getting angered. If someone is attacking me, I will defend myself though. One time a brute tried to force me, and I showed him who really was stronger. I am generally nice to other, and I have a tendency to help everyone in need, sometimes slacking on helping myself.
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