New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Harken to me!

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PostSubject: Harken to me!   Harken to me! EmptyMon Nov 07 2011, 21:13

A horse's bellowing cry met the ears of Hades as he grazed at the burning lands that had become Thunder Meadows. He snorted raising his head from where he stood near Yadas, searching for the stallion that called to him. It sounded like one who he had beaten years ago. Not that time had done much to him in the way of aging.

“Stay here, my love,” he said, before trotting briskly off, and leaping into the skies. He'd find the vermin who called, one way or another. It was no colt who he found to have called out. And by finding out, it had been the other diving from the skies, kicking his head as he passed and turned to face him.

“Get out, Hades!” Saberdoria cried. “This is my home, and it will be yours no longer!” He was more than aware that Yadasirah would be able to see him. “Take your herd and get out!”
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I stood stock still, my ears pricked as I saw Saberdoria. At his challenge though, my ears flicked back, though I didn't bar my teeth. That the young one was back came as no surprise to me, but what he said stung. I'd lived in Thunder Meadow for years, as queen, as wanderer, as herd mare, and again as its queen. To be sent out now was something I could hardly bear. However, I knew as well that Hades had planned to leave at some point, and give the stolen land back to Saberdoria. Staying here would mean letting Hades go.

Sighing, I watched from below, wishing - not for the first time - that I had the ability to fly as well. Hades had received a kick to the head from the young stallion, but I doubted it would do much harm to him. After all, he was far more powerful than any mortal horse. Saberdoria was acting just slightly foolish today, it seemed.
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Harken to me!
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