New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Satan's Foal, Heir of the Spy

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Satan's Foal, Heir of the Spy Empty
PostSubject: Satan's Foal, Heir of the Spy   Satan's Foal, Heir of the Spy EmptySun Oct 30 2011, 20:41

Jeu De'sprea

The black mare's sides heaved as she laid down, her ears flicking back in pain. White sweat filled her thin, red hot scars, and she gnashed her teeth slightly before pushing again. With a final effort, it was over, and the mare sighed and stood, looking down on the small black bundle of knees and fur she'd produced. Quickly, the fae started cleaning her newest creation, licking the small thing dry.

Equally quickly, the young filly stood up, her spindly legs buckling a bit under the pressure of her mother's rough tongue. "Véronique-Noémi... That will be your name." said Jeu De'sprea to her new filly. The foal nodded, before becoming absorbed in her new discovery of eating.

Sighing, her mother bowed her head a bit. In a few days, the two would leave, and this newest spy's training would begin. Meanwhile though, the black filly with silvery eyes could enjoy the safety of the young ones' haven.
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Satan's Foal, Heir of the Spy
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