New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 This is Family Business

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A white blur descended from the sky, alighting quietly on the soft sands. Bright wings, seeming to be made of nothing but light slowly faded as he started walking, his massive form like part of the clouds above. The brute sniffed the air. This place smelled strongly of wolves. The great pack of Modet, as well as many others, were here. A smell of greenery was here as well, despite the distance between himself and the green land beyond the beach.

Tirona was here as well then... Smiling, Qier let out several loud barks, and then a long, low howl. Surely, the presence of a strange wolf would attract those he wanted to meet here. And then... Then he could see about a blood bath for them all.
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The howling snarl answered out of nowhere, a clear challenge to the stranger on the wind. Clearwater stood, with her daughter Sarabi and her son Kovu by her sides. “Who enters my home?” she snarled.

As she did, a huge black stallion came towards her, scanning the skies with his eyes. “My grandson Thyrax searches for the intruder, Clearwater. You will not stand alone in this.”

“Thank you Sorrel, but my time is coming to an end soon,” Clearwater said. “You have been a good friend these many years.”
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This is Family Business
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