New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Shyam(Wolf)   Shyam(Wolf) EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 15:32

Name: Shyam

Age: 4

Species: Wolf

Breed: Hell Hound

Gender: Brute

Description: The hell hound is a new breed of wolf. Finally, they have found a way to rise from hell and be upon the earth like their horse similars. They do well in hot climates and with others like them. All/most of them are evil and want to end the existence of all others that are not like them. They eat the flesh of other wolves and are not afraid to attack horses. Hell Hounds come in a few variation of color such as red, black, orange, or slate gray. They may/may not have wings - wings are more common, especially since most of them are demons taking the form of wolves. Poison is on their claws, so you might want to avoid being scratched at all costs. Also, make sure they don't break the skin when they bite because their saliva is extremely potent. They have no fire or elements, but their attitudes definitely make up for the lack of it!

Shyam is a Hell Hound with a pure black bodice. He has demon wings and was possessed as a young pup. His eyes are white with a tint of blue to them.

Height: 3ft at the shoulder

History: Shyam came from a fiery land of desert, where he was born. It was a tradition for the mothers of all Hell Hounds to send their male children to hell at the age of one. They would stay there for one year until they learned to ropes and what their duty was on earth. Shyam proved to be one of the most powerful of all the ones in hell, and he was kept there for three years because they had a special plan for him. When he got back to earth, he knew what he was supposed to do and did it very well.

Personality: Shyam is a killer with no conscience. He will force females and will fight to be the supreme ruler of all wolves. Although, he has alliances and attempts to be friends with the other wolves, it never lasts long before he's off to declare war. Shyam wants to move to a land of immense darkness to start his new life from the ashes. Anyone who is not of fire is a slave to him, and he tortures his slaves terribly.

Image (optional): Shyam(Wolf) 28dc9e0ea7a3d2a1ba096f3f5ff0b52b

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Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny xD
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