New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Summer hath cometh

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Summer hath cometh Empty
PostSubject: Summer hath cometh   Summer hath cometh EmptyWed Oct 05 2011, 14:20

Foaling: Yes

The heat of summer always endures,
Causing many to feel the strain of sweaty coats,
The nights grow shorter,
As the longest day of the year comes forth.

The world is still reeling,
The fights have not subsided,
Horses plan to take up his place,
Even though heirs remain in his stead,
As does a new king by blood.

The beaches become warmer,
Sand becoming scorching hot,
The only cooling aide,
the cool water shores.

The desert horses feel the heat,
As their lands come to what they prefer,
By those without desert blood,
They are given a wide birth.

Grass is still sweet and springy to the step,
Amongst those cooling shady trees,
the woodland creatures are comfortable,
within the pleasant vales and glades.

The mountains proud and tall,
Waterfalls roar and crash,
The peaks give off a needed shade,
While the merciless sun beats down upon them.

And what finally of the valley's?
The most low lying lands heat the slowest,
The animals there know summer has come from those who visit,
For they are yet to feel its heat.
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Summer hath cometh
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