New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Black Bullet

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Dubbed ;;Black Bullet
Age ;; 6
Gender ;; Mare
Title/Rank ;; unknown
Land ;; unknown
Herd ;; unknown

Coat ;; Black
Mane & Tail ;; Black
Eyes ;; silver
Height ;; 18 hands
Markings ;; dark silver star, cart horse tack covering silver bullets on body
Scars ;; many
Daggers ;; black
Horn ;; silver stump, half removed by humans
Wings ;; none

Breed ;; Thorougbred/Arabian/Welsh Cob/Unicorn
Percentage ;; 50% 25% 10% 5%
Dam ;; Wilena
Grandsire ;; Bullets Nest
Granddam ;; Bullet's Egg
Sire ;; Baru Dengin
Grandsire ;; Stormcrow
Granddam ;; Broadhorn
Brothers ;; many, father was a forcer, Bloody Bullet
Sisters ;; many, father was a forcer,

Friends ;; Bloody Bullet, Silver Bullet
Enemies ;; humans
Sons ;; none
Daughters ;; None
History ;;
Black Bullet was born into the herd of a forcebreeder with an iron will over the others in the herd. Never did she get any attention from her father and her mother was afraid to let her do anything, for she did not want her to be killed, or worse, forced.
When men came to the mountains once more then caught two of the yearlings in the herd, herself and her twin brother Bloody Bullet. The two horses stuck together as much as they could even when they were to be broken for the work the men wanted them to do.
Eventually they teamed up with another wild born mare, a creamollo called Silver Bullet, who had figured out a way for them to escape, as long as Bloody Bullet took her with them. She knew her brother had grown rather fond of her, so this was not an issue at the time.
Now she searches for the truth of who her father really was, knowing that he was a forcer for a reason.

Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Though her upbringing at the start was more of a concealed and concerved one from her mother, she soon learnt to fight and fight well from her. She never really got to talk to her father, he was always too busy training the colts of the herd to fight and be forcers.
She is a gentle and intelligent soul who never wanted to be the way she is. So young and yet so deeply scared from the time with the men. She is generous and kind. She seeks the love that has bee missing her whole life.
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Black Bullet
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