New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)

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PostSubject: Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)   Wed Jul 13 2011, 11:25


PItch black eyes roamed restlessly over the glade below, sizing up the possibilities. I'd never been here before, nor had I any particular interest in visiting by myself. Nor did I want to go to Alaknanda though, so in the long run, this would be the easier way...

Just so long as no idiot stallion decided that they could waltz in, force me, and then claim me as some slave for their immediate pleasure...

Damn, I hated stallions like that... Like Demetrius, the bastard. Not that his son was bad, but that was only because Honoré-Aurore learned from me. That and he wasn't at all his sire's foal.

Sighing, I moved carefully down from where I stood, though I wasn't yet in the glade. I knew that coming here was one of the few alternatives to going to Alaknanda, but that didn't mean I had to like the thought. At least I probably wouldn't attract the attention of one of the members of the Apocalyptic council... Unless of course they didn't pay attention to the fact that Satan had tried, unsuccessfully to lay claim to my mother, Jeu De'Sprea.

Carefully, I began wending my way down a path, which was slightly slippery thanks to the morning dew, which hadn't had a chance to evaporate yet. I'd picked out the spot I wanted to wait at, and there was no point in trying to stall myself any longer.

Three small oak trees were growing there, shooting up out of the tall, rough grasses, providing a bit of shade in the sunny land. Absently I nibbled a bit at the tall grass. I'd tasted better, but I'd had it worse, so its roughness didn't bother me much at all.

Now, it was time to wait...
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PostSubject: Re: Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)   Wed Jul 13 2011, 18:04


Ashes upon the bottomless pit of my heart rumbled as I longed for some quiet solitude to myself. Some sort of consolation was needed for trying to save the world and failing every step of the way. If it had been a great warrior meeting him, they would have ended this barrier between the two worlds of darkness and light and sent the world into a period of peace and harmony. Instead, they were plunging head-first into a war with no end, into a constant battle for control and power. I knew that I played a rather large part in it, but could I fulfill my true destiny as a king?

It would take all my strength and all my wit to conquer the cobalt demon who seemed to be able to demolish my life just by tampering with certain things. I would have to have heirs, too, which was why I traveled so hastily to the land of high glades and murky waters.

The sun was low, just sitting on the horizon as dyed clouds of orange rolled by like drift wood in an endless sea of salty waters. Ripples cast in the sky on the beautiful evening, and it reminded me of the first day I had laid my orbs upon my homeland. It would never be soon enough to return, for I could already feel the burning sands drifting about my ankles, scorching the bottoms of my daggers as I sauntered about what was rightfully mine. Minnows swam around my obsidian pillars, laced with low laying flames. My volcanic orbs scanned, looked around for someone worthy of meeting - preferably someone I knew.

I was no idiot, no moron like most of the stags around the lands. Few were as intelligent as they stated they were, and few were true hellions. Soon, I came to a small, calm plot of land where several tall oak trees hovered over my burly bodice. Their leaves seemed to reach up to the heavens, and tall reeds grew around them. I was tempted to taste them but knew that the taste was salty and bitter on the tongue. What surprised me was the fae that stood in the middle of the tall scene. I hadn't seen her in many moons, and I half wondered if it was even her. I pricked my harks and sauntered up to her in a non-demeaning way. Even though I had spent much time with Frenzy, I was nothing liked him and would actually call myself a neutral rather than an evil, disgusting monster like him.

"Hello, Dominique-Aime. You may not remember me, but I am Onyx. We shared the same homeland growing up, but we never spoke, for I am Jade and Medarmeth's son," I paused, looking back before facing her again. No, I wouldn't force her unless she asked for it, for I knew all too well that mares could change their minds in a split second. "I'm not like those heartless fools who will force a mare without introducing themselves. I'm sure you have much better things to be in a herd, and mine is only one, so I wouldn't make you come with me. News has already spread of what Satan has done to your mother..." I finished, silently wondering if I'd said too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)   Sat Nov 05 2011, 14:37


I smiled a bit. "I know. However, she was aware of what would probably happen, and she chose to continue with her plan. Should she succeed in raising her new foal well, then we could eventually have a powerful ally, who is akin to our own enemy. They won't be expecting such a thing." I, myself, doubted it would work, but my mother refused to back down from her stand, and considering the fact that I was daughter of Corus, and my son the only son of Demtrius, it wasn't all that surprising that she believed what she did.

"I'll always remember you, Onyx, since Armada has favored you, and you likewise, favor her. That, and I never forgot a face..." I said, before a smile crossed my face. "I can't come with you Onyx, my job lies elsewhere, and always will, which is fortunate for you, in some ways. However, we both know why I'm here." as she said so, she turned, wondering if he would, or would she, once she reached the deserts, bear the half-blooded relation of her mother's new foal?
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PostSubject: Re: Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)   

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Another Hellion Will Walk These Lands (Open force)
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