New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Sangita x Frenzy

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PostSubject: Sangita x Frenzy   Fri Jun 17 2011, 17:44

Name of Mother: Sangita

Username of Mother's RPer: Phantom

Species: Horse

Description of Mother: Sangita is a red dun mare with socks on each leg. She has a dorsal stripe that comes from the beginning of her withers to the end of her frame. The fae has a blaze that extends down to the tip of her maw and is shaped as a heart at the top. Her nose is a bit small and dished, but her head is very in proportion. Sangita has a long beautiful neck with perfectly set on shoulders. Her mane and tail are a perfect shade of dark red. The eye color that she possesses is a grayish purple color. Sangita's movement flows like a river, showing off her nearly perfect conformation. She is very feminine and not built strong like some mares.

Image (optional):

Name of Father: Frenzy

Username of Father's RPer: Phantom

Species: Horse

Description of Father: Frenzy is a dark blue demon/unicorn stallion with a massive form. His strength is great, and his stamina and speed are just as perfect. Frenzy's horn is blue. His mane and tail are neon blue and can occasionally turn to flames when he is outraged. He has neon blue hooves that emit poison from them when he kicks someone and acidic saliva that will burn the flesh right off of someone.

Image (optional):

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PostSubject: Re: Sangita x Frenzy   Fri Jun 17 2011, 17:59

Congrats its a FILLY
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Sangita x Frenzy
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