New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Thowra's Lineage

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PostSubject: Thowra's Lineage   Fri May 06 2011, 15:21

Dubbed ;; Thowra
Age ;; 8 years [immortal]
Gender ;; Stallion
Title/Rank ;; King
Land ;; Snowy River Forest
Herd ;; Kings Herd

Coat ;; cream
Mane & Tail ;; silver can rarely be flames
Eyes ;; green
Height ;; 20 hands
Markings ;; black points as well, which are silver at the top meeting the cream of his hide. There are darker golden dapples on his barrel and hindquarters.
Scars ;; many
Daggers ;; black
Horn ;; n/a
Wings ;; n/a

Breed ;; Arabian, Lowe, Pegusas, Brumby
Percentage ;; 25% 25% 25% 25%
Dam ;; Bel Bel
Grandsire ;; unknown
Granddam ;; unknown
Sire ;; unknown
Grandsire ;; unknown
Granddam ;; unknown
Brothers ;; Flaming Blade of Hell, Angelus
Sisters ;; Bella, Sundawn, Perfect Dreams, Elena, Meredith, Bonnie, Katherine

Friends ;; Armada
Enemies ;; Frenzy
Love ;; Juliana
Crush ;; Kunama, Silence
Heartbreaks ;; Boonsa, Boon Boon
Sons ;; Kairva, Wurring
Daughters ;; Maura, Kalina, Ilinga
History ;; Thowra has had a busy life thus far. Born as the crown prince of Snowy River Forest to the then king Yarraman and his beautiful queen Bel Bel, he endured his childhood years which were filled with bullying from a certain brother known as Arrows Mark, the chestnut eldest son of Brownie and Yarraman.
Eventually though once he had matured and had daringly stolen a grey filly from The Brolga who had since defeated Yarraman and all thought Yarraman dead, the filly named Boon Boon, he had to fight once more against Arrows Mark. For Arrows Mark wanted Boon Boon, and there was no chance that Thowra was going to give her up to him. A fight which Thowra won, and his brother died during which.
Boon Boon became the queen of his herd and not long later a son was produced to them, after he had fought and taken his birthright from The Brolga in a mighty battle that every creature of that forest land knew would come one of those days.
Eventually though there rose an evil in Inferno Plains, one which when called upon by his ally Ashton, he knew he had to fight in. Many horses lost their lives, but not yet did he lose his nor did Boon Boon. Their son and heir, Kairva was forbidden from being in that fight as he was still only a colt.
Peace came back for some time and everyone thought the fighting was over for good. Then the worst thing happened, for his full brother, Flaming Blade of Hell, returned to Freedoms Palace, intend on destroying Thowra.
This time instead of Ashton, it was Thowra who initiated the call for helpers to win the fight against Blade's ilk. Ganymede, a vampire came by once before the fight began and changed thowra, much tot he creamy's horror at the time. Doing so though gave him the power he needed thought o crush his brother. His brother though he showed mercy to and the younger brother lived.
Boon Boon though, did not. A harsh winter came and it seemed that Kairva also was dead, though no one knew what was really the truth there. Thowra had found a new queen, Juliana now, and had a daughter, Maura, but what would come of this now? He lost his greatest ally that winter, the mighty Ashton.
Now that Spring has come once more, battle comes to the world, as a new king steps up to take the place in the world which is needed.

Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; kind, sacrificing, generous
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Thowra's Lineage
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