New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Getting Older Form

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PostSubject: Getting Older Form   Fri May 06 2011, 15:00


[b]Dubbed ;;[/b]
[b]Age ;;[/b]  years
[b]Gender ;;[/b]
[b]Title/Rank ;; [/b]
[b]Land ;;[/b]
[b]Herd ;;[/b]

[b]Coat ;;[/b]
[b]Mane & Tail ;;[/b]
[b]Eyes ;;[/b]
[b]Height ;;[/b]  hands
[b]Markings ;;[/b]
[b]Scars ;;[/b]
[b]Daggers ;;[/b]
[b]Horn ;;[/b]  if none put n/a
[b]Wings ;;[/b] if none put n/a

[b]Breed ;;[/b] list all breeds in ancestry here
[b]Percentage ;; [/b] devide up the breeds in the horse/wolf evenly
[b]Dam ;;[/b]
[b]Grandsire ;;[/b] 
[b]Granddam ;;[/b]
[b]Sire ;;[/b]
[b]Grandsire ;;[/b]
[b]Granddam ;;[/b]
[b]Brothers ;;[/b]
[b]Sisters ;;[/b]

[b]Friends ;;[/b]
[b]Enemies ;;[/b]
[b]Love ;;[/b]
[b]Crush ;;[/b]
[b]Heartbreaks ;;[/b]
[b]Sons ;;[/b]
[b]Daughters ;;[/b]

[b]Alliance ;;[/b]
[b]Languages ;;[/b]
[b]Temperament ;;[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Getting Older Form   Wed Feb 01 2012, 00:27

this form is copyright to me (since i made it in my character status first.) and to freedom's palace.

i think we need to put this on all the forms i made, i have seen it three times on other sites now, exact same coding, words and everything.
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Getting Older Form
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