New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Gemstarzah [Gem]

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PostSubject: Gemstarzah [Gem]   Thu Mar 17 2011, 23:04

Name: Gem

Age: 5

Species: Wolf

Breed: Hokkaido wolf

Gender: Female

Description: She is a pure white wolf who has brilliant green eyes.

Height: 4

History: The litter of eight wolves, four boys and four girls is led by Gem and her oldest brother Drannor. Now that they are grown up though, they have come to seek their destiny in Freedoms Palace. Some will find love, well they all hope they will. Gem is the oldest, followed by Drannor, Lindan, Laura, blind Sarila and deaf Chathanglass, Sierra and Velatha.

Personality: She is sweet and gentle, though fiercely protective of her family. While she knows that her brothers will leave to form their own packs, she is worried for Chathanglass, for he is completely reliant on her, now that they have left their parents, Zelphar and Mavis.

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Gemstarzah [Gem]
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