New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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  Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)

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PostSubject: Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)   Mon Feb 28 2011, 17:01

The mare snorted her head held up high in pride, She was queen of the sky. No not really she was maybe just a tad bit a little insane. She flared her nostrils as she eyed the area around her warily. She opened and closed her mouth as she moved forward like she was tasting the air. She seemed to be dancing as she moved almost like magic it seemed. She closed her eyes halfway clearing her mind from everything else. She rose her head just a little bit higher her eyes widened. She eyed everything snorting at everything that moved.

The mare was heavily pregnant with a Foal she did not even want. She would take care of it seeing she didn't have any Choice. She wondered what the foal would look like? She also wondered why she was a little bigger than Most mares when they were pregnant. This worried her a little bit of how big her son or filly was. She didn't want to have any trouble when she was foaling. She was in the Alaknanda here to find a home for who ever would have her. She hoped that she was pregnant with an Foal.
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)   Mon Feb 28 2011, 17:07

No mind, no form, I only exsist,
Now ceased all will and thought,
The final end of Natures dance,
I am it whom I have sought.

A realm of Bliss before, ultimate,
Beyond both knower and unknown,
A rest immerse I enjoy at last,
I face the One alone.


He knew that there were some of his kind that only came here to put on a complete show to win mares for themselves. Saberdoria was his name and he was Pheonix's named heir. One day he too would be a king, but he wanted none of the attitude and things that others seemed to see that came with the ttitle. No, he would be who he was raised to be. A good leader who did not fight often, and who was always just in his judgements when one was needed. There was so much that others saw the position to be.

Sure it was a powerful thing to be, but the lands chose their kings, not the stallion's choose them. He was one who respected that balance and after spending a few weeks with his grandmother Bel Bel, and also with his aunt, Bella, he understood many more things than even his father knew he did. Now though he was enjoying the wind as it carried him on his powerful light chestnut wings through the sky, overlooking the wide lands surrounding Alaknanda.

He wheeled around though, seeing a good place to land and wait for mares to come. Back the way he had come he swooped, looking for that spot once more. Wisdom told him that it was a good place for pegusas horses to meet, and he would wait out how long it took for others of his breed to come. Though he would prefer that his mares were pegusas like him, he knew that some would not be. After all, he himself was half hellion. But he was a good horse and his hellion side never showed at all. There was no reason for it to rear its ugly head from the pit in which he had buried it, deep inside himself. It was then he spotted the spot that he had seen and he dove quickly towards it. None of the horses below escaped his hawk like eyesight.

Black daggers hit the ground with noble grace, the half white pillars taking his wait smoothly. He folded his long chestnut wings tightly to his sides. His white whipcord flicked as he landed, sending a few flies away from him as he raised his head, moving onto the slight ridge that he had found. He knew that they would come. His white mane and tail were a mixture of flames and hairs seeing as he did not really want the flames, so the hair was the predominant thing there.

His eyes met those of a golden mare, she seemed well rounded, and he knew that she was carrying another's foals. Whether she wanted the foal was not his business, but if she'd have him, she'd have a home with him. He strode forwards, the young three year old heir of Thunder Meadows, bowing when he got closer to her. "Greetings."

I have crossed the secret ways of life,
I have become the Goal,
The Truth immutable is revealed,
I am the way, the God-Soul.

My spirit aware of all the heights,
I am mute in the lore of the Sun,
I barter nothing with time and deeds,
My cosmic play is done.

OOC: over 500 words here
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)   Mon Feb 28 2011, 18:05

She was a stubborn young mare and most looked at her as foolish. She kept her eyes open her ears pricked listening for anyone if their was anyone. She let her muscles relax when she realized their was no one. She stamped the ground as in warning to keep everyone away from her. Who knows what she meant from that the mare was a little crazy. She flicked her ears as an rabbit passed by her feet. She looked down at it smiling curious where it was leading off to. She snorted as it speed off into the bushes in a blur.

She went to sniff at the bushes curious where it had went. She squealed stamping her hoof in annoyance. She felt the heavy bulge of her stomach holding her down from doing anything to active. She snorted as she came between the realization that she was mad. This wasn't fair she had to be stuck with the foal. She didn't even want it and yet she was stuck with it. She felt doing something about it of course she couldn't she way to fat at the moment to a thing about it which wasn't fair.

She rose her head in excitement couldn't wait for someone to come she was getting quite lonely. She rolled her eyes where was Prince Charming? She was Kind of annoyed then she couldn't wait that much longer. She wanted to find one at least before her foal was born. She snorted once again wishing right then that she could actually do something. She smiled as she noticed the sweet and Rough scent of an Stallion. He soon came forward which she smiled innocently at him. " Why Hello Sweets! My name is Trouble I don't mean to get into Trouble I just get into it."
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)   

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Imagine me as being Myself (Erosaf)
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