New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]

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PostSubject: Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]   Tue Feb 08 2011, 16:10

OOC: whoever forces them won't roleplay many of the pups, only 1 or two depending on how many born in each seperate litter. In mass plot I have planned

A pair of beautiful faes moved through the woods of Wajida Glade, knowing that they were in heat. Surely that would attract brutes, for it was rare that the sun and then moon were here together.
The golden sun wolf, Le Soleil moved in front of her sister, knowing that there would be brutes eager to take advantage of them both. She was the one watching for the ones worth their time. When night time comes, she seems to darken and vanish from sight. There are brighter lighter in colour markings all over her, showing that the sun is not all one colour in hue.
The other was a very pale light blue in colour. Beautiful silver cream markings are all over her body, that shine in the moons light like a torch. Some of them are in the shape of beautiful cresent moons.Her coat was very dim during the daylight hours. Lune was a more quiet wolf, the protector of the pups really.
Who would want to have them carry their pups?
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]   Tue Feb 08 2011, 16:12

A young wolf dog tread lightly upon the wet earth, seeking not love but heirs. Many had discarded them selves from his life, and now he was seeking his own. Scents rushed through his nostrils as he picked up a slow lope, harks pricked as he saw a group of two come into the scene. With a small smile, he guessed that they wanted pups, just as he did. There was no need to ask, not a reason to plead or whine. Simply, he trotted up and looked them over, inquisitively wondering if they wished for him to get it over with now. Rochelle wouldn't be so selfish to take them both as his pup's bearers.

Rochelle had a soft spot for the beautiful porcelain hued fae that stood in the sunlight as it beat upon her pelt. She was beautiful, but his heart held no love for her. Truly, there was someone that he was interested in - Luca. Once he met her, he hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of her. This one didn't captivate him as much, mostly because she was not as pretty and playful. Rochelle supposed she was good for her use though - to bare new blooded pups. They would have the stamina of the husky, the speed of the wolf, and the intelligence and beauty of the moon herself in full glow.

"Greetings," he said softly, bowing to the white female before easily walking to her rump and forcing her. After he finished, the brute came around to her pretty face, deciding to strike up a conversation with the one that would be baring his newborns. "I am Rochelle," he stated his name, if only for the hope that his first born pups would know of him and seek him out as adults. He wasn't a threat, anyways, for he was kind, always kind.
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]   Tue Feb 08 2011, 16:21

A golden glint caught his red eyes as he prowled through Wajida. Draighean thought today would be a lovely day to make some heirs. Crepusculum would be very happy with him. It was about time they started expanding their clutches. With their own heirs on the way, he felt it only proper to make more so that the ones of pristine bloodlines would feel even more worthy of godly treatment. The large, bear-sized male walked up behind the female, growling slighlty to let her know not to move. He would tear her to shreds should she fight him. But, judging by the way she was carrying herself, she wanted to have pups by someone she didn't know.

She felt warm underneath him as he mounted and finished the deed. He dismounted rather slowly and walked around her in a circle for a moment. "How does it feel to have power growing inside you?" he asked in a husky voice, laughing darkly to himself. "My name's Draighean, remember it." he said, and then, with a growl, he was gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]   

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Seeking pups, nothing more [OPEN force x2]
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