New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Moon and Sun wolves

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PostSubject: Moon and Sun wolves   Tue Feb 08 2011, 14:13

Name: Le Soleil and Lune

Age: 3 and 3

Species: wolves

Breed: Timber Wolf and Timber Wolf

Gender: Female and Female

Le Soleil glows a bright golden and orange in pelt colour, shining most when she is in the sun. When night time comes, she seems to darken and vanish from sight. There are brighter lighter in colour markings all over her, showing that the sun is not all one colour in hue.
Lune is mostly a very pale light blue in colour. Beautiful silver cream markings are all over her body, that shine in the moons light like a torch. Some of them are in the shape of beautiful cresent moons.Her coat can be very dim during the daylight hours.

Height: 5 and 4

History: Le Soleil and Lune come froma pack of celestial gifted wolves. While they will not choose to join a pack of their own, and have one specific mate, this is how they were raised to see the world. After all, many would be drawn to the sun and the moon, and they do not care who tries them.
They are simply two wolves who run together,sometimes with their own litters of pups. A custom of their kind is that pups NEVER meet their father's, and that is something they will continue to have happen in Freedoms Palace.

Le Soleil is a bright and energetic wolf when the sunlight comes. She is the hunter of the pair, while her sister protects any pups that might be with them. While she is the more dominant one of the pair, Lune is as strong in strength as she is, and as smart. They only have her as the leader because she is the bigger wolf.

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PostSubject: Re: Moon and Sun wolves   Tue Feb 08 2011, 15:07

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Moon and Sun wolves
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