New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Carved in Silver(Rules and Herd stats)

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PostSubject: Carved in Silver(Rules and Herd stats)   Sat Feb 05 2011, 12:25

His Majesty of All
&&_Abides by no rules
&&_Shall be respected by all

His Queen

&&_Shall only respect him
&&_Rules in his absence
&&_ Cannot be challenged by other mares
&&_Is his first priority

Royal Youths
&&_Are above all other youths
&&_The first born son from his queen is the heir
&&_Must be trained in the ways of the council
&&_Oldest son from his queen will be the council leader
&&_Other than being above all other foals, must follow the foal rules


&&_Must breed at least once every three years
&&_Must not leave the land without their stags
&&_May leave if they please
&&_May not challenge the queen
&&_Have the right to speak in herd discussions
&&_Must not be bitchy or jealous
&&_ May not abandon their foals
&&_ May breed with anyone they want

&&_May not force
&&_May not challenge for any position
&&_Must respect the king
&&_May not touch any of the king's mares
&&_May come and go as they please
&&_Must follow the king's command
&&_Must fight with the king in war


&&_May speak with the fillies
&&_May not force breed
&&_May leave at two years old
&&_May not challenge for any position
&&_May create a sub herd
&&_Must remain allied to Callisto when/if they leave

&&_May not go anywhere without their mothers
&&_May leave at three
&&_May join a sub herd
&&_May not challenge the queen
&&_Must remain allied to Callisto when/if they leave

Carved in Silver


At the throne

His beloved

Their youths

Mistresses of the herd
Tiger Lily
Evening Mist
Black Lily

.:Second in Command:.

His majesty

His Beloved

Their Youths

Mistresses of the herd

.:Third in Command:.

His Majesty

His Beloved

Their Youths





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Carved in Silver(Rules and Herd stats)
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