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 Kula [wind horse]

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PostSubject: Kula [wind horse]   Fri Feb 04 2011, 19:15

Name: Kula

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Tenessee Walking Horse

Gender: Stallion

Description: A bright golden champagne stallion with a stripe on his nose and one white sock. His mane and tail aredarker by a few shades than his body.

Height: How tall is your character?`16 hands

Kula has come from a far away land where brothers generally get along. Usually they'll herd together, their separate herds running as one group, with their queens and everyone together. While Kula was all for the ways of his kind, he knew that eventually, his half brother, Staramboli, would not want to do so any more and would try and become the more dominant one of the pair.

Wanting to be like the rest of his kind, Kula refused the fight, saying that it was wrong. Though one day he left to go and find more mares for his herd. Retuning, without any, he came back to a gory sight. The only mares standing around, alive, were those of his brother. This knowledge, angered him beyond belief. What had happened here was murder, no stallion should have done this to a group of mares.

One had been left barely alive, his queen. She was a beautiful bay, with fiery markings on her legs and lower body. Just as he reached her though, she died in front of him. Rage swept through him, a rage he never thought he had, igniting the flames upon his neck, and sparking into life on his tail and he attacked the other herd, killing any who swept into his path. Soon, he and his brother met in battle, but neither could beat the other.

Swept away by the wind, he was carried into Freedoms Palace, where he sought out a home with one of the other stallions, Pheonix. He does not know that the same wind carried Staramboli to the land of Freedoms Palace as well. What will happen when these two brothers meet again?

Kula is one who sticks for the ways of his old home. He is not one to break traditions, even if they mean that there is going to be trouble because of that. He is a noble horse, who longs for things to become peaceful for him in the long run. Never will he forgive himself for taking out his rage on all those mares, even if they were the mares of the one who killed his entire herd.

He will always suffer in silence over those actions, and knows that one day, he will have to become stronger than his brother, though he knows that this may not be possible. Sometimes he wishes that his brother had finished him off, but now that he is in Freedoms Palace it is a chance for him to start over, and leave the past behind, though this seems impossible for him.

Personally, speaking, he is a kind and generous horse, that knows that to hurt mares is wrong. As is forcing them to bear his foals as wrong as well. He is intelligent and brave, and will not stop before rushing in to defend those who he cares about. There is nothing he would not do for the mares in his herd, as long as he does not counteract his own being by doing it.

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PostSubject: Re: Kula [wind horse]   Fri Feb 04 2011, 19:16

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Kula [wind horse]
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