New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Therthis   Thu Feb 03 2011, 10:35

Username: otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Therthis

Age: 8

Species: Horse

Breed: Unicorn/hellion

Gender: Stallion

Description: Purest black, with a golden horn, streaked with black. Black wings, tipped with white, though originally he had been the purest of blacks, with no markings, aside from his twisted horn.

Height: 18.2 hh

History: Therthis was born to a unicorn known as Omera and a hellion called Red Death. The oldest of his many siblings and half siblings, he was meant to rule after his sire's death. However, hating the thought of ruling a land already so populated, he refused to be named his sire's heir, and, as a result, he was driven out. At first, he had kept to his hellion bloodlust, and all his many flaws. He took mares from others, and fought as often as possible. Soon he had a flourishing kingdom, with a large herd of his own.

Then came a stranger, a white hellion later known as Exile. though at the time he had another name. He resented Therthis' power at the time, and set out to become the black's rival. He promptly began his work, destroying many of the closer, smaller herds in his eagerness. Eventually, he was strong enough to rival the black half hellion.

Then came the war, in which Exile stole over half Therthis' herd, and the black retaliated by poisoning Exile's own, as well as personally killing the white hellion's queen.

Furious, and a little more than half mad with rage, Exile took by force Therthis' young queen, driving her insane in his poisoned land, turning her against Therthis. In her completely deranged state, Exile let her loose against her former love.

There was no choice left to Therthis, and he was forced to kill the one he had loved with his entire soul. The two enemies, bitter but in desperate need of a rest, with the same desire and need to rebuild their herds elsewhere, chose not to forget what had happened, but to form a bond through their hellion blood, going to the hell mouth and swearing to meet again, when each had three named heirs.

The winner, it was said, would rule over the defeated one's lands and herds, to do whatever they pleased with them, excepting any and all of the defeated party's heirs.

Therthis, after that, set out to find a land of which he had heard of from one of those hellions who preferred to remain in that place from whence they had come. Still mourning his many losses, Therthis sought to find refuge once more in his hellion heritage (that is, of his bloodlust and hates). However, when he reached the fabled land, he soon found Scar, a pure white mare.

Reminded of his old queen, he felt the overpowering urge to protect her. Soon she became his queen, and bore his first heir. Rid of most of his hate, though not of his bloodlust, he turned spy against Corus. When it came to the fight, which was begun by Therthis' young half brother, Xanerath, Therthis and his herd came to fight against Corus' herd.

On the battlefield, he discovered his first heir, Moonslight's young son, Starlight Midnight. The two were at the time being pursued by Blade and his new ally... Exile...

To cut a long story short, Therthis helped his son and his mother, as well as their friend, Celeste, escape during the battle, and gave them refuge in Red Sun, Xan's land. Xan, during the battle was injured and later died, leaving but one heir, who had just been born. Therthis become the temporary king of Red Sun, a title he put to good use, gaining allies.

As soon as both he and his enemy had three heirs, he called the challenge, and there ensued a battle, both of wills and of other things.

Exile was ready to strike the fatal blow, but was killed, rammed through by Bas an Olc, the strange grey filly of Hadley and Jegathema.

Having come out the victor, Therthis became not only the temporary ruler of Red Sun, but also that of The Gemdas. Fearful of what might happen if he were given a land to rule, Therthis tried in vain to convince the betas of both lands to rule in his stead, and allow him to live as a beta or gamma, even omega, in peace, and not give him such a task.

Niagra, of Red Sun, refused outright, but Heart of Gold, seeing some of Therthis' reasoning, ruled The Gemdas, until Therthis' young nephew was old enough to rule Red Sun himself.

Personality: Somewhat sarcastic and at times annoying, on the outside he's dark, but beyond the shell, he has all of a unicorn's better parts. He prefers to remain in places without much power, unless he senses a war coming, when he will quickly build up trustworthy friends and allies. Excellent at strategy for both intrigue and outright warfare, he hates it. Often, he keeps quiet, listening as he keeps his own counsel. Sometimes he shares his inner thoughts, imparting bits and pieces of his knowledge, but he's never viewed himself as being either wise or particularly intelligent, preferring to continue seeking both knowledge and wisdom, saying that as of yet, he has failed miserably.

OOC: Loooooooooong history...
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PostSubject: Re: Therthis   Fri Feb 04 2011, 16:43

Accepted. Nice job on the history!
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PostSubject: Re: Therthis   Sat Feb 05 2011, 11:02

I like the history. (:
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PostSubject: Re: Therthis   Sun Feb 06 2011, 16:00

Wink Thanks guys! I had fun writing it. The only reason I chopped it down was because I had to get off soon... LOL, Otherwise, it might've been waaaaaay longer.
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PostSubject: Re: Therthis   

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