New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Sorry again....(ADMIN KINDA AWAY)

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PostSubject: Sorry again....(ADMIN KINDA AWAY)   Wed Feb 02 2011, 02:02

Hey all,

As you know and have most likely noticed...I've been barely on as of late. Cause, simply for the reason that stuff happens XD.
With my dog getting bitten by a snake, working four times a week, babysitting, school work and hockey. Oh and a few trips to the hospital due to my mother XD I haven't had time to get on.
So, sorry for the long await of posts. I am currently a year 10 which means I have to really start pulling top grades at school to actually get into the courses I want to.
So, Erosaf's looking after you all...I shall try get around to posting as soon as possible but please ignore them if they are horrible...the day really takes away the muse levels.

So be good my pretties. No stealing my things...I know who you are O.o

Kanny *group huggles*
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PostSubject: Re: Sorry again....(ADMIN KINDA AWAY)   Wed Feb 02 2011, 02:07

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Sorry again....(ADMIN KINDA AWAY)
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