New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Escena Cayó x Soul Render

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PostSubject: Escena Cayó x Soul Render   Mon Jan 31 2011, 17:27

Name of Mother: Escena Cayo

Username of Mother's RPer: Ashley

Species: Wolf

Description of Mother:Escena is a very pretty wolf with strange markings, She is quite Skinny too. She is a reddish Brown, with odd gray stripes along her back. They seem to be going across, which might make her look a little bit weird. She has wings that seem to be almost seem to be like Bat wings. Her claws are longer than most.

Image (optional):

Name of Father: Soul Render

Username of Father's RPer: Erosaf


Description of Father:Soul Render is an odd looking wolf. He is powerful and heavily built. Not to mention exceptionally handsome, though this is a hidden surprise for others. His fur is mainly white while his legs and underbelly are light grey. His maw is also light grey likewise for the tip of his tail. Odd green markinga all over which mark him as a poison wolf.

Image (optional):
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PostSubject: Re: Escena Cayó x Soul Render   Mon Jan 31 2011, 17:37

8 pups were born

3 pups will have diabilites

none may die

4 males and 4 females
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Escena Cayó x Soul Render
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