New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Kovu or Scar

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PostSubject: Kovu or Scar   Sat Jan 29 2011, 13:00

Name: Kovu

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: ArcticXGrey

Gender: Brute

Description: he is a black wolf with many odd light blue markings upon him. His ears are striped, as is the tip of his tail. There is one like a curved lightning bolt on his chest. there are two marks on each leg. and a curved scar of the same colour upon one eye. His eyes are the same colout as the scar is.

Height: 6 hands

History: Kovu spent his life growing up with his siblings in vernien En See're. He is the youngest, but he is not the weakest by any chance. As he grew up he learnt to master his ability over the water and is turning into a great leader now that he's getting older. His mother is proud of the young wolf that he has become.

Personality: he is a lively wolf, he rarly likes sitting down. Kind and gentle at heart he would never hurt a fly unless there was danger somewhere near. He is freindly and intelligent, liking to think things through. Bold and courageous, he likes a little bit of adventure every now and again.

Parents: Clearwater and Ghost.

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Kovu or Scar
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