New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Soul Render

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PostSubject: Soul Render   Fri Jan 28 2011, 22:11

Name: Soul Render

Age: 8

Species: wolf

Breed: grey wolf

Gender: male

Description:Soul Render is an odd looking wolf. He is powerful and heavily built. Not to mention exceptionally handsome, though this is a hidden surprise for others. His fur is mainly white while his legs and underbelly are light grey. His maw is also light grey likewise for the tip of his tail. Odd green markinga all over which mark him as a poison wolf.

Height: 3

History:Born to a pack of unusal wolves, he was quick to learn of his ability, to poison both the bodya nd mind. most of the wolves in the pack soon learnt to respect him, if they valued their lives and minds.
He became known as Soul Render, after he made the kill of another male wolf, claiming his pack and exiling all the younger male wolves from the land. One female escaped though and he wants her back seeing as she was the one he wanted for his mate.
Others soon learnt it was unwise to get in his way, when he is clearly the supirior wolf in the pack. He left them though to learn about a new wolf, called Freedoms Palace. Now he comes there to cause havoc and terror of his own, having learnt that there are there those who see others as scum.

Personality: Soul Render is not the nicest of wolves around, and does not care for those who consider wolves that are different as scum and worthless. he is a power seeker, and can be clever about finding those who are the same in mind.
He is exceptionally fierce and a terrific hunter. He can stalk something and that creature, not matter whether horse, rabbit or another wolf, will not know he's there till its too late. one day he might find love but he doubts there is one for such as him.

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Render   Fri Jan 28 2011, 22:13

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Soul Render
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