New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)

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I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)   I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) EmptyThu Jan 27 2011, 15:58

I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Scarcity

Never Mind me dressed in
pastel with nowhere to go.
Laughing quietly to myself
ignoring the weather.Nothing
could beat me, having survived
a flood. Watching as a tree fell
down, the wind had knocked it
over. The wind was strong I
would give it that much. Having
been through worse I would Never
consider it hard to get through.
Figuring this was going to be a hail
storm I had to figure out somewhere
to go. Or I could just stay out here
in the storm and enjoy watching it.
It actually sounded like a good Idea
to me.

Well then I could Possibly get sick,
So but maybe it would be good
to get sick. I sometimes wished I
would Die. After all that's happened
in my life no one could blame me.
Princess, I was supposed to be
a damn princess. At least I
Could always have revenge
Which reminds me why I even
came here. An old land that
used to belong to my stupid
father. Of course I was Supposedly
going to be a queen here But
someone else took my place. Now
I'm back and I will claim what
is rightfully mine.

Of course nothing is easy so
it probably would take me a
little while. My father hated
me I knew that much already.
Of course that was the
reason why he had chosen a
new heir. It was not fair it
should' have been me not that
ugly old filly. My father probably
saw my mother in me and
couldn't stand it. How was that
my fault? Of all things I had to
look like my mother exactly. That
hadn't been to long ago actually
it was still vivid in my memories.
Things I could not remember
weren't even important.

My thoughts lifted as the
temperature Went down.
Shivering and wet I really
needed to find somewhere to
go but where. Why did my
father have to pick the mountains
to live? It seemed pretty cursed
to me. Cold shameful weather
that probably would never reach
the temperature of seventy to
eighty degrees. That did not
bother me but it would be
nice to have some good weather
once in awhile. To Bad so sad I
thought bitterly to myself. That old
saying always got to me. Now I would
not let it get the best of me.

Of course I wouldn't only fools let
things get to them. No I was no
Fool, so I didn't let it get to me.
Of course I wasn't stupid either,
Remembering how smart I was
than the other mares to get to
high ground. That was when
the flood had occurred. Braver
than most I tried to help as
many as I could to get to
high ground. Thinking about
it I actually saved quite a few.
So Never could I say that I
wasn't helpful. Because that
simply or possible be true at all.

I never lied in my life but I
truly deserved to be queen.
I Probably would have then
be married to wonderful
Prince. To bad that never really
happened since my father was
stupid enough to make someone
else queen. He was of course
asking for revenge and now
was the right time. He would
surely have to die now. And
he would I would make sure
of that. He could not possibly
escape me. Revenge was I
wanted and it would happen.
The queen of course would
have to die as well. In order
for me to claim the throne
she would have to die. I did
Not know where I was though.
Many scents filled my nostrils
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I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)   I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) EmptyFri Jan 28 2011, 14:04

Rich sunshine poured through the small openings in the forest canopy, penetrating the choke hold of darkness that the needled pine trees and leaves tried to enforce so bluntly. Golden splotches laid against the soft forest terrain, accompanied by darker bits where the trees blocked out the sun's magnificent roaring light. Birds chirped their joyous melodic songs in soprano tones as they fluttered high above the woodland creatures. Deer scampered through the thicket, their fawns following closely by their mothers' sides. A muddy shore laid out in front of the thick forest brush surrounded by a shimmering river. At this point in its flow, it was lazy and not thick with white currents. Many lovers crowded around it in the liveliness of the day, but he would wait until the perfect queen came along to greet him.

There were so many beauties that came up to greet him, but how could he know who the right one truly was? Balin only knew that he wanted someone kind that would love him, someone that he could spend eternity with and never get tired of. He wanted his queen to look at him the way his mother looked at his father: with all the love and adoration of the world. It was a never ending feeling - one that never ceased. Balin wanted to feel just a glimpse of that. He didn't want to own a land and was actually very content in being a beta king. Hopefully, whoever he met would be happy enough to have a place in the heart of Ciera, the most beautiful land of all. The only one above him was the earthy hued king, Kiambu and his queen, Shattered. They would welcome them both, when he found her.

After a few moments of silence, the young prince began to tread over the terrain again. There was a shimmering ivory fae at one end, looking conceited and bratty - that didn't exactly pique his interest. Instead, he kept looking, his bright chestnut pillars grazing the tall blades of grass as he went. As soon as he stepped into broad daylight, the sun beat down on his bright pelt, attracting many eyes as he strolled on. Ivory laced his sides in splatters of sabino, and his liquid brown eyes kept themselves looking forward. With excitement, he moved more quickly, his long strides eating up the ground in their quick motions.

Finally, after searching for what seemed like forever, he found someone that looked too perfect to be true. She seemed to pace around in a constant bother - something was on her mind. Golden was her pelt, like the shimmering ball of fire that consistently placed itself in the blue sky. No markings laid upon her soft looking pelt except the beautiful gold. Balin leisurely tread up to her and bowed his skull low, to show all the respect he could muster up for her. The young stag could hardly stop staring at her, she was so pretty. "Greetings," he said softly. "I am Balin, son of Rummy and Baru Dengin," he introduced, his posture regal. She seemed troubled, and he hoped he could provide a solution.
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I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)   I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) EmptyMon Jan 31 2011, 16:43

She snorted softly wondering why she had come to this unknown land. She wasn't used to going to places where she did not know where she was. She liked knowing where she was, it scared her when she didn't know. She eyed the land that surrounded her, it somehow screamed danger. She widened her eyes snorting at a rock as if she was telling it to go away. An odd mare she was, to anxious to notice what she was really doing. She was Aware that she had to find her father's land and it had to be soon.

She knew that her father would be scared of her, he'd probably suspected she would come back. Scarcity wanted what belonged to her not to that stupid other Filly. She trembled in anger, she realized she shouldn't get so mad over this. It was her own father's fault anyways. She wanted to have what was hers, she realized though that she could not have it. She did not know where to go, she just didn't. She wished she could find someone so she could ask them where in the world she was, since she had no idea.

She raised her head to the sound of someone coming. Who could it be? Hopefully help would be coming she thought bitterly to herself. It was a stallion she realized, a handsome one to she realized. She giggled to herself, slightly ashamed of her thoughts. Well he seems nice she thought to herself. She looked at him waiting for him to speak up. " My Name would be Scarcity, just call me Scarce though please. Do you know where we are?" She was embarrassed she knew she should probably know where she was, she didn't though.
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I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)   I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom) Empty

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I've come back for my Throne as A Queen (Phantom)
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