New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Moréthîrya   Sat Jan 22 2011, 23:24

Name: Moréthîrya

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Arabian EispferdX hellion pegusas

Gender: Mare

Description:Moréthîrya is a stunning red chestnut overo mare. Part of her face is red chestnut, her mane tail and wings are chestnut, one lower front leg is chestnut, the other leg on the upper part is half chestnut. Her neck, chest, shoulders and up to behind her wings is red chestnut. The rest of her is white, her eyes are light blue, though she is NOT blind

Height: 15.3 hands at the wither

History: Moréthîrya is a mare who has been brought up in her father's land of Misty Mountains. She has some ability over ice, but her mane and tail have turned to flames, she is not like typical heelions, seeing as her father and mother have never let her go that way. Now though, this heir to Misty Mountains seeks someone to share her father's homeland with, until the time comes for her to take Dragon Wing's place.

Personality: Brought up to be kind and gentle. Though at times she can be stubborn, that is the way her mother is. There is no vice in her, but getting her annoyed is not good, for she has the power of fire and ice within her. Be careful what you say around her, she can easily see jokes as not funny and things like that.

Parents: Moonslight and Dragon Wing

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