New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 The Tundra Wolf

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PostSubject: The Tundra Wolf   Wed Jan 05 2011, 22:23

Name: Tundra

Species: Wolf only

Colours: Bright white, light grey, and black, throughout their fur. A bit random, actually, though the grey is most likely going to be along the back, the upper sides, shoulders, and forehead.

Height: 28 to 38 inches shoulder height.

Basic History: The Tundra wolves lived for the most part in Russia during the early years, and were long considered spirits of treachery and misfortune. Due to this, their type has been hunted for centuries, and most living in Russia were killed off. However, later on, the determined breed went back to their ancestral homes, and fight back. Fierce and strong they are, but their reputation for treachery and ill-will isn't entirely unfounded, either.

Habitat:Colder regions, mountains, arctic areas, and cold valleys.

Quick Facts: They primarily prey on large mammals like deer, wapiti, moose, caribou, bison, musk ox and mountain sheep. Because catching large animals is not a daily occurrence, an adult Tundra Wolf may eat up to 20 pounds in one feeding.

Tundra wolves will give birth to 2-6 pups, no more, though in poor times, they'll give birth to only a single pup.

Link to more info: None

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The Tundra Wolf
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