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 The Mexican Wolf

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PostSubject: The Mexican Wolf   Wed Jan 05 2011, 22:18

Name: Mexican

Species: Wolf only

Colours: They have grey along their shoulders, the sides of their neck, and often along the outer parts of their leg and sides of their tails. Black runs along their back and the top of their neck, the bridge of their shoulders, the bottom of their tails, to the tip, and in a thin line around their lips. White is predominant on the face, as well as on their legs, inner and outer, their belly, throat, jawline, and on parts of their flanks. Red covers their ears and for the most part, their sides, as well as the top of their fore and hind legs.

Height: 26-32 inches at the shoulder.

Basic History: These wolves were once revered with their relatives, the grey and arctic wolves as spirits of good fortune and wisdom by the Native Americans. However, when more people began moving into their western lands, the wolves were killed off to make room for hunters, trappers, and later, farmers. The wolves died off more and more quickly, due to lack of food and hunting lands, as well as suitable mates. Eventually, they were confined to a small area far inland, where humans respected their little remaining territory, and left it alone at last. Still, the damage had been done. They are few, and very, very far between.

Habitat: Hot, arid climates, deserts, open forests, and valleys. Ill suited for colder regions.

Quick Facts: Their litter size is 4-7 pups, and unlike most other wolves, the Mexican wolf reaches adulthood at ten months of age.

Link to more info: None

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The Mexican Wolf
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