New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Long Ago Were The Last Lot And Now You're Gone Forever ((open))

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PostSubject: Long Ago Were The Last Lot And Now You're Gone Forever ((open))   Thu Feb 16 2012, 13:28

The heavy she-wolf moved towards the glade, saddened that Modet had never spoken to her when she had wanted very much for him to do so. It was something that saddened her seeing as she was the one who allowed him to be in her land. For she had always been there ever since Sorrel left Misty Mountains and had chosen Vernien En’ Seere as his new kingdom. It was a wonderful terra, just as the old one had been.

Always she had stood by his side a friend in the darker times. There was nothing but companionship between the two of them and she knew that she would fight beside him when it came to the battle to come. She would fight to defend her family and the ones who could not fight for themselves. She knew though that there was little chance of her coming out of this alive and well. She was getting too old for that to be a possibility.

Finding a small glade she liked, she waited there, hoping against all odds that Soul Render was not lurking somewhere to spring at her once she stopped moving. She had heard of his attack on young Gem, and well she would fight him. So it happened, he was watching her and he came prowling out, seeming sure of himself.

She snarled, baring her teeth. “Leave me, Soul Render, you’ll get none from me.”

The poison brute laughed at her words and then leapt at her. She stepped aside and bit down hard on one of his ears making him yelp in pain. As soon as she let go, he bolted, growling under his breath. There was no chance he was going to try and force her again it seemed. Her warning was enough to him any others who were thinking of just doing it and leaving.
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PostSubject: Re: Long Ago Were The Last Lot And Now You're Gone Forever ((open))   Thu Feb 16 2012, 13:54

Strength had diminished over recent months, and the muscles that once rippled beneath his shining red pelt now were soft with age. Pelt that had once been a vibrant red was flecked with gray strands, making him seem rather silver...instead of himself. Those orbs, so noble and honorable shone true to himself, though, life filling their very core. Kindness seemed to pour from them like silver tears, splashing in the soul of himself. They were of joy, though, for wasn't growing old supposed to be rewarding? One could see everything they had put into life in the beginning finally played out in the final act.

It was more difficult to move through the glade than it had used to be, his joints locking up as he leaped from bank to bank with cunning. Even in his age, he could run as fast as the youths and kill like there was no tomorrow in the face of danger. Still could he protect what was rightfully his by nature - his family. It was rather large, but he still believed he had the capacity to deal with the problems they faced with the rising evil in their lands.

Modet smelled a rat. Soul Render. For a long time, they had been enemies, ever since he had stolen his precious daughter Jaile from him. It was unfair, and that brute would pay in the final war for his bad deeds. The worst thing was, he was surely going to lose so many friends. Modet knew not if he was to survive the upcoming battle, but he knew it would prove to be difficult to actually make it out of this one. Bloodshed would be everywhere, and he didn't want to be one to die. It was a part of life though, and he would accept it. A true warrior died on the battlefield.

Suddenly he smelled a familiar scent. Was it....Clearwater? His eyes lit up like a puppy as he heard her calling out to Soul Render to get away. Hurridly, he went to her, smiling as he approached. "Hello, Clearwater," he said, bowing his skull to her politely as they acknowledged each other.
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Long Ago Were The Last Lot And Now You're Gone Forever ((open))
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